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To: You, dear visitor
From: Alexei Vasiliev
Date: 27.03.2000
Theme: "Late costs" problem.
Type: Welcoming your opinion.

Why and who is it for?

Problem offered for discussion below is closely related to management accounting. To my mind it is really important regarding the following issues:

  • Management information correctness
  • Gross profit calculation
  • Profitability

I'm describing below when the given problem can arise and also I'm giving a scenario and possible accounting algorithm of these operations. At the same time accounting transactions are not used for description purposes so that everything mentioned below could be understood by a person not familiar with financial (bookkeeping). The term "late costs" stand for such costs (e.g. transportation costs) which are invoiced when the goods have been:

  • sold out
  • exhausted over
  • written off
  • moved to another warehouse.

What I'm suggesting you here is to share your opinion on a possibility of any accounting assumptions or simplifications for your company or personally you as a manager.

Feel free to contact me: by e-mail, or just visit Guest Book and leave a message.

Sincerely yours,


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